PAGB Nature Photographer 2014 Award to Austin Thomas

Article by Ed Roper and Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas receiving the PAGB Nature Photographer Trophy from Leo Rich, PAGB President at the PAGB Inter Club DPI Championship at Warwick University.

This trophy was presented to the PAGB in memory of Colin Smith, a dear friend and fellow Wigan 10 nature photographer.

It was the first time that anyone from Wigan 10 had won the trophy.

PAGB Nature Photographer 2014

Austin Thomas receiving the Colin Smith Trophy from Leo Rich

Austin says:-

I am absolutely delighted to be the current holder of The Colin Smith Trophy.

Colin was a real inspiration to me and helped me find my feet as a wildlife photographer, even before I joined Wigan 10.
Colin would spend time with me in the field and was always willing to offer friendly advice and support. To be one of the names on his Trophy is an honour for me personally and something I am sure Colin would be proud of too.

Thanks to the PAGB for awarding me PAGB Nature Photographer of the Year,  2014.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

FIAP World Cup 2013 Paris Presentation

Article by Joan Blease

Going to Paris is exciting at the best of times but going to Paris to be presented with the FIAP World Cup has to be off the excitement scale !

Four members KT Allen, Kitty and Geoff Walsh and Joan Blease, travelled over to Paris and enjoyed the sights and sounds of that beautiful city. After enjoying a morning sight seeing the group made their way over to the FIAP headquarters where they were given the warmest of welcome by the President and various high ranking officials of FIAP. Many speeches were made in various languages but all spoke warmly about Wigan 10 and how everyone was thrilled that some of the group were able to be at the presentation.

The presentation of the trophies then took place and Joan was asked by her fellow members to give the acceptance speech – which she did. The speech was short (and in English) and was dedicated to the memory of Maurice Jones the much loved member of Wigan 10 who sadly lost his brave battle with cancer in late December 2013. Most of the people had met Maurice on a number of occasions and were saddened by the news of his passing.

In the evening the group attended a fantastic Gala Dinner in a very beautiful restaurant in the centre of Paris. Again the group could not have been made more welcome and the wine and conversation flowed once more.

Regretfully the long weekend came to a close – but the group had travelled around Paris seeing the various sights – but always having time to sit down and have a lovely coffee or bowl of French onion soup.

All in all it was a wonderful occasion and it is hoped that the club will be fortunate enough to travel over again next year.


Amatuer Photography FIAP World Cup 2013

Amatuer Photography FIAP World Cup 2013

Amatuer Photography FIAP World Cup 2013

Amatuer Photography FIAP World Cup 2013

Amatuer Photography FIAP World Cup 2013

Beach Buddies by Geoff Walsh

Amateur Photography Club

Beach Buddies by Geoff Walsh

Max (Yorkshire Terrier on left) and Seito (Shih Tzu on right) are indeed buddies and belong to Geoff and Kitty Walsh.  This photo was taken at a typical day at the beach with a low point of view using F4 1/640 sec at 200mm focal length.

PocketWizard Photo Contest Winner

Austin Thomas recently won the PocketWizard photo contest with his image of a starling in flight.   Resulting in a very interesting article on the PocketWizard website, giving an in-depth insight to his setup when photographing wild birds.

An excerpt taken from PocketWizard’s blog says ‘Austin used a FlexTT5 attached to his Canon 1D Mark IV remote camera and a CM-N3-P remote camera cable to capture the winning image, “Starling in Flight.” He is able to trigger the remote camera from a distance using a MiniTT1 on a Canon 1D X in his hands. His goal, with triggering the remote camera with a camera in his hands, was to capture two images at the same time. Austin used a similar set-up last summer to capture images of an owl as seen below.’

The full article can be read on the link below, including some fantastic images.

Austin recently gave a talk to his local Young Farmers Group to enrich the knowledge of Wildlife in his local community.


Bempton Cliffs – Seabirds

Kitty & Geoff along with Joanie B enjoyed a couple of days on Bempton Cliffs photographing the seabirds and tree sparrows. Although the conditions were not best for photographing white birds but the lovely sunny weather was more than welcome.

Amateur Photography Club

Dancer Photo Shoot

The Club’s latest photo shoot took us to a location hidden in the depths of Warrington. As with all outings there are two objectives. The first is, obviously, to capture images and the second, which is equally important, is to enjoy the day. Both aims were achieved as the day was filled with banter and laughter.

Amateur Photography Club

Our main dancer proved to be an excellent model with a real personality who fitted in very well with the group. As well as showing normal dance moves she was able to interpret the many suggestions for shapes which were constantly asked of her.

Amateur Photography Club

Our Latin American dancers were very patient and amenable to all requests too.

Amateur Photography Club

Our thanks must go to the dancers for proving us with an exhausting but a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Amateur Photography Club