PAGB Inter Club Print Championships (Ormskirk)

Also known as ‘Ormskirk or Edge Hill‘, this competition is held every year in October. The PAGB prints is a competition that you previously need to qualify for as a club.

A few clubs from each regional federation around the country come together to present two rounds of images to the judges. In the first round, each club enter twelve images (including at least five monochrome and five colour and no more than 3 natural history). The top eight scoring clubs from the first round then proceed to the final round, the remaining clubs then enter a separate round to compete for the Plate Competition.


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PAGB Inter Club Print Championships 2014


Final Round Positions:

Dumfries CC 196 points
Beyond Group 190 points
Smethwick PS 189 points
Chorley PS 189 points
Catchlight CC 186 points
Wigan 10 185 point

Phil Barber also won a selectors medal from Bob Moore for Henry and Joan Blease also won a selectors medal from Lee Preston for Ice Queen.

Images from the first and final round as follows.


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