PAGB Inter Club DPI Championships (Warwick)

Also known as ‘Warwick‘, this competition is held every year in July.  Warwick is a competition that you previously need to qualify for as a club.

A few clubs from each regional federation around the country come together to present three rounds of images to the judges.  In the first two rounds, each club enter eight images per round (maximum 2 images per author and no more than 2 natural history).  The top eight scoring clubs from the first two rounds then proceed to the final round, the remaining clubs then enter a separate round to compete for the Plate Competition.

It is an amazing day with lots of atmosphere and the opportunity to speak to many photographers.

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Warwick 2015 – First Round


Warwick 2015 – Second Round


Warwick 2015 – Final Round


Warwick 2015 – Tie Breaker


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