L&CPU Annual Club Print Competition 2013

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This year the venue was held at Edge Hill University, in a comfortable and high standard auditorium.  The event is very well organised and well worth attending as spectators or participants each year.


Amateur Photography L&CPU CompetitionAmateur Photography L&CPU CompetitionAmateur Photography L&CPU Competition

  • Image 1: Ed Roper, KT Allen, Kathryn Scorah and David Butler.
  • Image 2: Henry Mullarkey with the judges Anne Greiner, Libby Smith and Rod Wheelans.
  • Image 3: L&CPU Executives past and present Noel Morgan, Adrian Lines, Gordon Jenkins, Bill Edwards, Christine Widdall and Bob Robinson.  Bottom row Bob Dennis, John Dougherty, Henry Mullarkey, Garth Tighe and John Royle.

Please note: All images on this page are photographs of the prints, please excuse the quality of the jpegs.  Order of images is as per shown for each competition.

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Overall Winners of the L&CPU Club Competition

This year we came 2nd to Chorley Photographic Society, who deservedly won by 7 marks.  Well done Chorley!

1st: Chorley PS with 318

2nd: Wigan 10 with 311

3rd:  Chapel with 292.

Colour – 1st Place

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1st: Wigan 10  with 109points

2nd: Chorley with 103 points

3rd: Warrington with 100 points

 Colour Title Author Score
Print 1 Missed Tackle Maurice Jones 14
Print 2 Out of my way Maurice Jones 13
Print 3 Evacuee Triplets KT Allen 14
Print 4 Triton KT Allen 14
Print 5 The Chase Austin Thomas 15
Print 6 A Troubled Past Kathryn Scorah 13
Print 7 The Typist Kathryn Scorah 14
Print 8 Sea Maiden Gwen Charnock 12

Monochrome – 2nd Place

*Plus Poseur by David Butler.

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1st: Chorley 1st  with 110points

2nd: Wigan 10 with 96 points

3rd: South  Manchester with 94 points

 Monochrome Title Author Score
Print 1 Survivor Kathryn Scorah 11
Print 2 The Weighing Machine Kathryn Scorah 15
Print 3 The Hunted KT Allen 13
Print 4 Storm Siren KT Allen 14
Print 5 Back in Time Ed Roper 9
Print 6 Water Babe Ed Roper 11
Print 7 Steam Punk Maurice Jones 12
Print 8 Poseur David Butler 11

Nature – 2nd Place

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1st: Chapel with 109 points

2nd: Wigan 10 with 106 points

3rd: Chorley with 105 points

 Nature Title Author Score
Print 1 Puffin in flight Ed Roper 12
Print 2 Squirrel Leaping Austin Thomas 14
Print 3 Osprey with fish Austin Thomas 14
Print 4 Kingfisher with two fish Jo McIntyre 15
Print 5 Running Mountain Hare Jo McIntyre 13
Print 6 Lestes Sponsa in rain Chris Hague 13
Print 7 Buzzard Roy Rimmer 13
Print 8 Woodpecker and Jay Roy Rimmer 12