L&CPU Annual Club Digital Competition 2013

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This year the venue was held at Edge Hill University, in a comfortable and high standard auditorium. The event is very well organised and well worth attending as spectators or participants each year.


Amateur Photography ClubL&CPU 2013 DigitalL&CPU 2013 Digital

  • Image 1: Kathryn Scorah, KT Allen,  Austin thomas, Dick Mobey and Maurice Jones.
  • Image 2: Judges and Award winners – Roger Parry, David Gibbins, Judith Parry, KT Allen, Maurice Jones, Michelle Walsh, Henry Mullarkey, Geoff Walsh, Dick Mobey, Gordon Jenkins, Dianne Owen. Front: Kathryn Scorah, Jane Lines, Adrian Lines and Joan Blease.
  • Image 3: Judges – Roger Parry ARPS Hon PAGB AFIAP,  Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB Hon PAGB and David Gibbins ARPS AFIAP APAGB

Please note: Order of images is as per shown for each competition.

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Overall Winners of the L&CPU Club Competition

This year we came 1st in the digital competition, but we would like to say a big congratulations to Chorley, who won overall for prints and digital together. Well done Chorley!

1st: Wigan 10 with 306

2nd: Chorley PS with 303

3rd: Southport with 288.

Colour – 2nd Place

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1st: Chorley with 106 points

2nd: Wigan 10 with 104 points

3rd: North Cheshire with 96 points

Colour Title Author Score
Print 1 Wish in the wind KT Allen 12
Print 2 Good Night My Love KT Allen 13
Print 3 You Don’t Say Kathryn Scorah 13
Print 4 Songs Unsung Kathryn Scorah 12
Print 5 Peter fox Maurice Jones 15
Print 6 Gareth Carvell Scores Maurice Jones 13
Print 7 Hand Off Ed Roper 14
Print 8 Exhausted and Energetic Austin Thomas 12

Monochrome – Joint 2nd Place

*Plus In Mourning by David Butler.

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1st: Warrington 1st with 99 points

Joint 2nd: Wigan 10 and Chorley with 98 points

3rd: Poulton with 93 points

Monochrome Title Author Score
Print 1 The Dog Race Austin Thomas 13
Print 2 A Lonely Way Kathryn Scorah 11
Print 3 Bank Holiday Monday Kathryn Scorah 12
Print 4 Moonlight Kiss KT Allen 13
Print 5 Vampiress KT Allen 14
Print 6 Floored Maurice Jones 13
Print 7 Night Freight Ed Roper 12
In Mourning David Butler 10

Nature – 1st Place

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1st: Wigan 10 with 104 points

2nd: Southport with 101 points

3rd: Chorley with99 points

Nature Title Author Score
Print 1 Cheetah Family Austin Thomas 12
Print 2 Little Owl Jumping Austin Thomas 15
Print 3 Lestes Sponsa in Rain Chris Hague 12
Print 4 Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary Chris Hague 14
Print 5 Jay Roy Rimmer 14
Print 6 Wasp Roy Rimmer 12
Print 7 Osprey with Trout Jo McIntyre 12
Print 8 Red Deer in Mist Kathryn Scorah 13