PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship Results

Wigan 10 came first place in the Warwick PAGB PDI Championships this weekend. The 15 Federations of the PAGB nominated 27 clubs to represent them plus 7 of the finalists, including ourselves ‘Wigan 10’, as last year’s winners. 

The event attracted a large audience to witness the high standard of Amateur Photography from across Great Britain held at Warwick University.  We give many thanks to all the organisers, judges and the PAGB for hosting a well organised competition and bringing together so many talented clubs.

The L&CPU continue to excel in Amateur Photography, with Chorley PS coming second place with excellent images from a variety of genres.

To see the images Wigan 10 used at the PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championships, please click here.

Amateur Photography Club DPI Champions Warwick


Amateur Photography Club DPI Champions Warwick

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